Star Gold Thrills Channel Schedule Today

Star Gold Thrills Channel Schedule Today

Discover the exciting TV schedule on Star Gold for December 31, 2023. From action-packed films to family-friendly animations, this article provides a detailed overview of what’s in store.

Are you ready for a thrilling TV schedule? Star Gold has something special lined up for you on December 31, 2023. From the underworld battles to heartwarming animations, the Star Gold Thrills TV schedule promises a day full of excitement and entertainment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the lineup, giving you all the details you need to make the most of your day.

Star Gold Thrills Channel Schedule Today

Star Gold Thrills TV Schedule

December 31, 2023

00:00 AMUnderworld: Rise of the LycansHindiFilm
00:45 AMWall EHindiFilm
02:57 AMMovieHindiFilm
04:32 AMMovieHindiFilm
06:10 AMMovieHindiFilm
08:05 AMMovieHindiFilm
10:46 AMHotel Transylvania 3HindiFilm
12:01 PMMovieHindiFilm
02:53 PMMovieHindiFilm
04:47 PMMovieHindiFilm
06:55 PMMovieHindiFilm
09:04 PMMovieHindiFilm
11:47 PMMovieHindiFilm

1st January 2024

00:00 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
01:25 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
02:57 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
04:32 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
06:10 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
08:05 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
10:46 AMHindi FilmHindiFilm
12:49 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm
02:53 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm
04:47 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm
06:55 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm
09:04 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm
11:47 PMHindi FilmHindiFilm