2023 Bigg Boss Kannada Voting Results Season 10 Today’s Updates With Voting Percentage

Stay updated with the latest voting results for Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10. Get insights into the voting percentages and number of votes for each contestant. Find out who’s leading the race to win.

The excitement is palpable as Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 unfolds. Viewers are not only glued to their screens but actively participating in the show by voting for their favorite contestants.

2023 Bigg Boss Kannada Voting Results Season 10 Today's Updates With Voting Percentage
2023 Bigg Boss Kannada Voting Results Season 10 Today’s Updates With Voting Percentage

2023 Bigg Boss Kannada Voting Results Season 10 Today’s Updates With Voting Percentage

In this article, we bring you comprehensive updates on the voting results, including the percentage of votes and the number of votes received by each contestant. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10.

3rd December 2023

ContestantPercentage of VotesNumber of Votes
Varthur Santhosh26%139,389

Vinay’s Impressive 13% Share

Vinay has managed to secure a solid 13% of the votes, totaling an impressive 73,100 votes. His consistent performance in the house seems to have struck a chord with the audience, making him a strong contender in the race.

Namratha’s Steady 4% Support

Namratha, with her 4% share of the votes, has garnered 22,277 votes. While her percentage may seem modest compared to some others, her loyal fan base keeps her in the game.

Prathap Surges Ahead with 18%

Prathap’s commanding 18% of the votes, amounting to 99,768 votes, indicates a significant following. His strategies and charisma are clearly resonating with the viewers.

Tanisha’s 5% and Growing

Tanisha, with 5% of the votes, stands at 29,140 votes. Her journey in the Bigg Boss house has been a rollercoaster, and her supporters are showing their unwavering support.

Snehith Leads with 21%

Snehith takes the lead with a substantial 21% of the votes, totaling 114,598. His popularity inside and outside the house is evident in these numbers.

Varthur Santhosh Dominates at 26%

Varthur Santhosh has taken the competition by storm with a staggering 26% of the votes, securing 139,389 votes. His strong presence and strategic gameplay have made him a force to be reckoned with.

Micheal’s 4% and Steady Climb

Micheal’s 4% share translates to 26,120 votes. While he may have started slow, his consistent efforts are gradually earning him more supporters.

Sangeetha’s 7% and Counting

Sangeetha’s 7% share amounts to 40,032 votes, showcasing her growing popularity among the viewers. Her journey in the Bigg Boss house has been eventful, and her fans are standing by her side.


Q: Who is leading in the voting results?

A: Varthur Santhosh is currently leading with an impressive 26% of the votes.

Q: How many votes has Snehith received?

A: Snehith has received 114,598 votes, securing a 21% share.

Q: Which contestant has the smallest percentage of votes?

A: Namratha has the smallest percentage with 4% of the votes.

Q: Is Micheal gaining popularity in the voting results?

A: Yes, Micheal is steadily gaining popularity with 4% of the votes and counting.

Q: How can I vote for my favorite contestant?

A: To vote for your favorite contestant, follow the instructions provided during the show or visit the official Bigg Boss Kannada website.

Q: When will the final voting results be announced?

A: The final voting results will be announced at the end of the season when the winner is declared.


Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 is witnessing intense competition, and the voting results reflect the viewers’ preferences. From Vinay’s impressive 13% to Varthur Santhosh’s dominating 26%, each contestant has a unique journey in the house. Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses, and don’t forget to cast your vote to support your favorite contestant.